Our implementation services are designed to help you meet your goals
on time and on budget. We believe the foundation of a successful
implementation rests on a thorough understanding of the needs of your
campus and the people who use your technology—and that’s why we
work closely with our clients from the outset of any implementation project to ensure we meet--and exceed your

HEIMS’s implementation team provides:
• Expertise: HEIMS implementation specialists average 8 years of experience in the higher education marketplace.
• Experience: Our implementation specialists utilize industry-standard best-practice methods and experience gained from installing more than 10 enterprise systems on campuses worldwide.
• Flexibility: We combine well-defined processes with the flexibility to meet non-standard requirements throughout the entire implementation process.
• Client satisfaction: Our success stories speak for themselves.
Training to ensure user success
Want to make sure your users are getting the most from your HEIMS products? We offer learning opportunities each year to help you use our products efficiently and effectively. Our training is available in a variety of formats, from on-site training classes to workshops you can take anytime and anywhere. We are happy to work with you to discuss your specific needs and create a customized training plan to deliver the best solutions to meet your individual requirements. Choose from our selection of courses that span from two to five days and provide a comprehensive learning experience for our product areas. You can also select any of our two- or four-hour topic-specific impact seminars which deliver a concentrated focus on one particular process.

We offer a wide range of training options:
• Traditional classroom instruction
• Workshops
• Seminars
Our training schedule is specifically designed to correspond with your campus calendar. We’re available when you need us, where you need us.

Software support for rapid resolution of your technical problems!
Whether you need assistance admitting candidates, registering students, or printing examination attendance slips, HEIMS support is available to help you succeed. Your HEIMS customer support personnel are dedicated to providing client satisfaction that just can’t be beat.
It’s fast!
Get solutions via phone, or e-mail so you can keep up with your busy job. We pride ourselves on our ability to successfully close the majority of client calls within 24 hours.
And it’s reliable
Our support analysts are highly trained experts with extensive experience working with higher education clients.

Client support services include:
• Speedy response: We maintain outstanding client satisfaction through fast and accurate responses to your questions and problems.
• Accessible support staff: We make it easy for clients to reach out for support, with expert advice available by phone, or e-mail.
• Expert advice: You’ll benefit from the expertise of our team of support analysts, each of whom has deep knowledge and experience working with HEIMS products and solutions.
• Reliable follow-through: We ensure that you get the answers you need so that each and every issue is resolved.

Manage the entire student lifecycle

• Admissions
• Registrations
• Student records
• Student Billing management
• Course delivery, and development
• Events and scheduling
• Teaching and Examinations
• Timetable automation



24/7 access to information services for:

• Online Application;
• Online Registration;
• Online Fee Payment

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