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Examination Timetable

The single most important assessment in the learning life of a learner is the examination. Examinations also happen to present the most challenges to any academic management environment, no matter how tried and tested. Issues of examination quality and institutional as well as examination integrity arise prior to, during and soon after examinations are written and these can have reputation shattering effects if due attention and care is not afforded to this tremendously important academic activity.

Properly scheduling examinations as well as ensuring an examination seating environment that does not encourage cheating forms the biggest part of ensuring that the above raised issues are dealt with to a satisfactory level.

The HEIMS examinations timetable module eliminates all issues relating to scheduling students and invigilators with their respective examinations. The module is fully integrated with the Teaching Timetable Module as well as the Registration Module to eliminate any challenges to do with;

• Students

• Modules

• Venues

• Lecturers


• module is fully policy driven and can be customized with relative ease to suite the peculiar requirements and demands of any academic institution’s environment.

• The HEIMS examinations timetable module caters for the seating arrangements of learners in examination venues. This seemingly ineffectual feature ensures that the examination invigilators have complete control of the examination venue and the examination candidates 

• The HEIMS examination timetable module provides notification of any changes to the examination timetable to learners through an SMS framework and email system that is built into this module.

Manage the entire student lifecycle

• Admissions
• Registrations
• Student records
• Student Billing management
• Course delivery, and development
• Events and scheduling
• Teaching and Examinations
• Timetable automation



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• Online Application;
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