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Coursework Module

The HEIMS coursework assessment module also gives learners a platform to view their assessment information. Students will be able to view marks for tasks that they have submitted and the lecturer has marked at any time. Students should be able to view not only marks but a summation of the submitted and marked task marks at any point. This allows a student to have their actual semester assessment tasks marks. The HEIMS coursework assessment module is made up of three sub-modules which feed into it by way of their individual results. These modules are summarised below.

The modules are:-

• Coursework Submission Sub-Module

• Assessment Feedback Sub-Module

• Student Attendance Sub-Module

Coursework Submission Sub-Module

The system supports the following methods of submission

• Electronic submission

• Hardcopy Physical Submission


The system will provide the following information to learners through the portal:-

• Deadlines for all assessments per module per semester.

• A view of learner assessment submission status.

• A summation of the assessment tasks marks at any point in the semester.

• A view of leaner class attendance status

Assessment Feedback Sub-Module

Through the HEIMS assessment feedback sub-module, the lecturer will be able to provide feedback in either or

both of the following formats to learners through the portal;

• Audio visually

This will be uploaded as a pre recorded audio or video file detailing the expectations of the course coodinator with regards to the assessment given to students.

• Written model answers

These will take the form of typical or model answers that the course co-odinator would have expected learners to give as answers to assessment questions.

Student Attendance Sub-Module

Accounting for each learner’s attendance trends helps in fully accounting for that learner’s semester performance.

Contemporary trends in academic management empasize on this important aspect of learning to reduce student

attrition and increase student retention to the financial advantage of the institution. Students should be able to

view their attendance from their digital learning platform account.

The attendance record generated and kept by this module is available for use in evaluating student academic

performances during Academic Board of Studies meetings.


• This module empoweres learners to view the overall assessment criteria for each module they have registered for.

• The module reduces the number of student appeals for wrong marks or missing assessment marks after publication of results because both parties will be real-time auditors of the module assessments.

• The recording of student overall coursework assessment mark enables higher authority bodies to make an honest decision when tracking student academic performance.

Manage the entire student lifecycle

• Admissions
• Registrations
• Student records
• Student Billing management
• Course delivery, and development
• Events and scheduling
• Teaching and Examinations
• Timetable automation



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• Online Application;
• Online Registration;
• Online Fee Payment

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